yz400f just got bike no manual quick ?

can someone dig out there manual and tell me the stock float height for this bike its a 99 yz400f. and where to measure from when adjusting the float. i just kicked this carbs but and got the bike running great but i didnt touch the float and i believe it could be better if i take the carb back off and set the float to the stock specs or at least make sure it is right on spec. thanks fellas and i owe whoever an ice cold oberon!! back in season babay!


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i cant get that link nor the other link in the faq's section to prove worthy for me. i did look there first :thumbsup: but oh well ill just buy one eventually. thanks for the help

They work fine here. Try again.

yeah the link works but when i open the manual in adobe it just says an error occured that cannot be recovered. just installed adobe fresh copy of it and it dun work so ill just buy one. thanks anyway and thanks for trying felllllllaaaaaaaaaaaas

Try to use the euro link instead. Let me know if that fails. You could also use an alternate manual like the 98, or the one for the 2000 YZ426. Most of the info in either will be applicable.

The float height is 9.0mm

1. Remove the float chamber

2. Lightly touch the float to ensure the float is seated

3. Hold the carburetor so the float valve remains seated, but the spring loaded pin in the valve is not being compressed by the tab on the float(The tab should only touch the pin)

4. Measure the distance from the carburetor gasket surface to the highest point on the float

5. If the float height is incorrect, remove the float from the carburetor and bend the float tab in the appropriate direction to raise or lower the float. Recheck the height after adjusting the float

6. Install the float chamber and reinstall the carb.


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