Need WR400F help! CDI ?s and others

Hey guys this is my first post,

A few months ago I purchased my first dirt bike a 1999 WR400f in November (glad to get into the sport!!!) :thumbsup: . Now, even after adding a full FMF system, it's still not fast enough (I'm a quick learner).

I was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to swap the CDI with one from a YZ400f instead of clipping the grey wire. If thats not possible, I was wondering if there is a way to unhook the grey wire without clipping it (I looked to the forums and they are all for the newer bikes or just for those who prefer to cut the wire, any pics would be awesome.)

Any other ideas to pep up the big blue beast? (I've already planned to shorten the throttle stop after I get this CDI change straightened out)

Thank to all who'll help,


Did you re jet the bike after putting the full FMF system on it? What system did you go with? If I were you I would do the throttle stop asap! The dealership did it on my 98 WR400 before I took it home. Before you mess with the cdi and all that; see how you like it with the throttle stop taken care of.

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