Beat the Heat: Crested Butte trip

I put together three trips to the Crested Butte/Taylor Park area for people here on TT last year. Summer is almost here, the snow is melting and I am organizing another 3 day trip in mid to late June. This area is a great way to get out of the summer heat as we rarely see temps higher than the mid 70s at these altitudes. And you will ride some of the best trails anywhere.

THE TRAILS: Mostly moderate singletrack, although we can split into two groups if some guys want to try some hard stuff. Novice riders will find it fun and challenging, Bs and above will tear it up. The trails are not suitable for complete beginners, but if you are and want to come I can make recommendations on where to ride. See this website for info on what to expect, and what to bring:

PRICES AND ROOMS: $100/per room single occupancy of three nights. If you bring your wife/girlfriend its $110 for double occupancy. There is stuff to do in town for non-riders (the town is a ski resort). Most of the rooms are queen beds with a full private bath. There isnt really space to have two guys in a room with a queen bed. If that price is too steep PM or call me about another option. I am also trying to keep the size manageable (less than 10 riders) so consider it one rider per room. If you want to bring wife/kids, I have master suites (a king and a sleep sofa that rents for $150). Check the link below for details on the house.

OTHER INFO: You are paying for the LODGING, not a guided trip. I don't have the insurance, forest service permits or business liscences to run a guided trip. If you want to ride with me thats fine, but you are free to do your own thing. If you crash and hurt yourself I am in no way responsible.

Parking is a big problem, the house is built into the side of the mountain so there is no on-street parking. If you want to come, try to bring your pickup truck rather than a 40' RV pulling a 25' trailer. If you do have a big rig, we will have to park it at the resort lot.

You can PM me or call 303-548-0488 if you want to talk to me. First come, first served. Dates to be determined by what works for the majority, but I am suggesting June 19,20 and 21.

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