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Tips For ACL Rehab at 2 Months out.

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I got a same knee ACL Patella knee graft, or however your supposed to write it. Well for the first month I flew to Arizona and just laid there in the sun not doing anything. After that first month I came back and started doing my Doctor's recommended Rehab, which I am finished with now.

I am on the bike as much as I can which is about 3 times a week at a cycle class but I don't very much of the strenuous stuff.

I was wondering If I could get some tips to get myself able to get back riding consistent at the 4/5 month mark if that is possible. There is a big contest in Houston I have been invited too, I guess that would be near you Dr. Mark! But anyways, I have been personally invited by 2 XGames gold medalists, So I would really like to go there and ride but most likely not compete. But If I am driving 1500 miles, I would at least like to participate.

So basically I am wondering if any Accelerated rehab would apply to me at this point?

I also have brand new CTI Pro Sport braces coming in 2 weeks for that extra protection.

And Dr. Mark, I now personally know why you choose to do opposite knee Patella grafts. I have just now got my knee to bend all the way because of the trauma to that same knee patella. I cannot do alot of the lunges and workouts I would like to do with the knee because the patella hurts just so bad.

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