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07 Valve Clearence

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Yes, you need to know what shims you have in each location and for the intake subtract between (2 to 7) off the intake shims to get you in the .10 to .15mm range.

eg. If the stock shims are 180, then you will need a shim between 178-173.

For the exhaust subtract (2 to 7) off the exhaust shims to get you in the .17 to .22mm range.

Every shim will be different, so check every shim value, and mark down which valve they went to so you don't loose track.

If you go to the yamaha dealer you can only get shims in .05mm ranges, eg. 170, 175, 180.

If you go to a Honda dealer and request any year CRF250R shims you can get them in .02mm ranges and .05mm ranges eg. 170, 172, 175, 178, 180, so with the Honda shims you can get a more accurate adjustment.

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