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Water pump issue : Leak down tester for husqy 610 sm 2006

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Hi all,

To resume the situation I bought a bike and i did not even drive more than 20 miles. I noticed that the coolant level in the radiator was very very low.

First i supposed that the guy did not put some coolant on it. So i refilled radiators.

Next i drove 10 minutes to make a test and checked again the coolant level and ... level is low again. I checked my oil and big surprise.. water was in the oil (milky color).

I check the water pump and total bad surprise (the impeller was not fixed with the nut... so basically all the water pump system was not working at all and just damaged the water pump house). I still don't know if this guy forgot to put the nut on it or if the nut was here but not screwed. I need to flush my system to check if i can find the nut (which i doubt).

So now i ordered all new parts to fix this water pump, but i would like to do a leak down test on my bike to check if there is a big issue with my engine.

The guy apparently changed the head gasket at 3400 miles (i bought the bike at 3800 miles) so the head gasket apparently have 400 miles.

Anyone in San Francisco who can help me with this ? Any good advice ? or thought ?

PLEASE HELP ! sucks that i did not have any change to drive this bike that i just bought.

Thanks for reading !

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When you buy a used bike, and you start having issues like this, if it were me, I would go ahead and bite the bullet and go through the whole motor to make sure the money I invest in fixing it is not going to be wasted by some other issue you may not have seen yet.

Leak down is only going to tell you about the compression. I would at a minimum, completely flush the motor. It takes 2-3 times of oil changes to really get all the water out. Replace all water seals.

Once this bike is set up correctly, they are awesome. I bought mine new in mid 06 and have only replaced tires and oil/filters. Mine has been rock solid.Sounds like you bought from an owner who didn't do maint and take care of the bike as best he could.

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Thanks for this advice, i was actually thinking doing this.

Would you mind advising me for the oil ? I mean since i want to put some oil to just flush the system, 3 times, i don't really need to use an expensive one but i don't really want to put a crappy one... do you know a good one which can fit only for these flush ?

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