Lost my VIN number.... How do I find it?

I had my bike powdercoated several years ago. Powdercoating is so tough and thick that I havent been able to see the vin number on my steering head since.

I started to sand the paint off of it today and after a couple misses I decided to see if someone with a 400 could post a pic of exactly where its located so I dont sand my whole steering head down to find it.

I still have the title to the bike and I could get it from there but I need it to be visible for a completely different reason.

I got your back Moo Man!

I am about to head home for lunch, and I will snap a photo...

Excellent. Thanks Brandon.

I owe you one.

Actually I owe you several.. :)

It's probably gone when they did prep for powder coat.

Yamaha actually doesn't punch them at least on the YZ/Wrs.

It's like a raised etching on right side probably at two or three o'clock if your sitting normally on bike.

I actually just lightly filed off one digit as a test the other day.

They are pretty light, that is for sure.

Here is a pic I took at lunch, the VIN numbers are directly underneath the pencil that I have placed up there.

As you are sitting on the bike, the VIN numbers are probably at 2 o'clock, with the leading edge of your head-tube being 12 o'clock.


(problem posting pictures, will e-mail them direct Darin.)

To solve title problems I bought an old 78 Yam and am using that title for registration.

i prefer to just take my bike to the police impound and leave it there forever!saves time! :)

Brandon, Got your pic. Thanks.

Now Fastest1 has got me thinking on wether or not I should even mess with trying to sand the paint off. Then I will just end up with 2 bare places on my frame head. :)

Thanks to Brandons pics I found the number easily and I was able to lightly grind down the paint until the number was revealed. Its not showing very well but good enough to be seen.

I tried to keep the dremel very light on it though so as not to sand the number off the bike.

Thanks for the help guys!

Afew years ago, I had a Wr250 (2 stroke, sorry guys). I had the frame powder coated white. I asked the shop if there was anything they could do to to avoid covering up the vin . The Cops in my area checked vin's regularly on OHV's for hot bikes. The shop put high temp tape over the vin (after I had removed the paint). When I got the bike back, I removed the tape and painted the area where the vin was at. Might be something for TTer's to look into if they are considering a powder. I am in the process of turning my WR450 black (and supermoto). I'm glad I checked this post, I did'nt realize the vin on the new bike was so fragile. :)

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