Tim Ferry

WoooooooHooooooooo I sure hope Ferry can put the 426 on the podium this saturday. Wouldn't it be soooooo cool for him to do in the SX series what Henry did in the Nats. Then there would NO DOUGHT about how good the 426 is, WooooooooHoooooooo


Tim Ferry (426) easily won the Perris Invitational last weekend, but his only competition were Mike Craig and Reynard.

I just picked up a couple of "nosebleed" tickets for the first race at Anaheim - it should be interesting.

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I saw and heard Button work the magic at the second Anaheim race, and we were at San Diego when he was injured. The bike is magic to the ears. Button never let it off the limiter at Anaheim! Unfortunately he never had a chance to reach redline in practice at S.D. :)



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I was at Washougal when Button won, he was so friggin fast on the uphill, it was almost unfair for the 250's

He looked very impressive on the big thumper in preseason. It will be good to hear the rumble in the stadium again. But I personally can't wait till Button can throw a leg over it again.


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I'm going to the Phoenix round on the 27th. I can't wait to see "my bike" out there, not to mention everyone else. I've heard Ferry looks good on the bike.

I was at Phoenix last year and it was THE race to see: McGrath taking the lead and then overtaken by Vuilleman (sp?)near the end. I'm going to Phoenix this year also. Can't wait.

You guys are so lucky to get to see the races early in the season before the injury attrition takes its toll. At least New Orleans and Houston will be on my S/X calendar. I was sure hoping that Smets would come over this year and see what he could do on that KTM thumper against the Yanks. King was a dissapointment last year both in S/X and M/X. Oh well, let's ruuuuuuumble!

Ferrry's not the only one on the big thumper.

Nathan Ramsey is on a YZ426F untill the east sx series starts !

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Ramsey looked good in the top ten, but Ferry had trouble early while running near the front, and faded way back.

Just got back from Anaheim round one. The 250 heats and first 125 heat were worth the price of admission alone! Ferry had to drop out of the main with what looked like a flat back tire. In the heats he looked good, but I never heard the bike on the limiter like Button used to ride. It's hard to know who is faster on the bike, but Button was more exciting to watch. I won't ruin the race, catch it on espn2 if you can!


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