Rebuilt and Rockin

Got my bike back from the shop Friday Night....New Crank/Rod/Piston......Runs strong with one minor problem...Looks like I got a 03 cam mod by accident. Bike started normally (With Compression Release) on Friday. Got to the race track on Saturday, ran great. Ready to go racing Sunday morning and the compression release wouldn't work and the bike kicked over with NO resistance....This would not normally be surprising as it has lost compression a couple of times during the last 3 years....This time however it would fire up, run great and still not go back to normal. I must have single kick cranked it 15-20 times during the day. On a couple of occaisions I pulled in the compression lever to have nothing a visual on the cable and the lever..everything functioning normally (from the outside), Can't be a hanging valve because it's running perfectly....Wondering if the inside portion of the lever might have broken off. Gonna pull the valve cover tonight and have a look see..... Hopefully if it did the part is still in the upper head, otherwise off comes the side cover again.....


Bonzai :)

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