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TM36-68 carburetor troubles on an XR400.

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My 1998 xr400 came with a box of goodies, and in that box of goodies was a Mikuni TM36-68 carburetor (the model number on the carb actually says T36-68A, I just assumed). So I took my stock carb out and put this Mikuni in. At first I have a load of problems, but then I realized I had to use different throttle cables 👍. I put those on (they were in the box too) and got everything in and put the bike back together (I took the long way (taking the subframe off)), and after a while of kicking, it started firing. After a few more minutes of kicking, It fired up and idled, but then I pushed the choke in and it died immediately . I think it's jetted horribly wrong, and also tuned horribly wrong (no idea what I'm doing)

My problems are as following:

1. It is very hard to start. It'll fire and idle eventually but once I pull out that 'choke' (see below) it won't start for another 30 minutes or so.

2. It instantly cuts off when I take the choke off.

3. The drain tube leaks, and I can't find the drain screw! Does it even have one?

Can you guys give me some tips on how to tune this thing?

Also, is it possible to buy Mikuni replacement throttle cables? Mine are pretty hacked up from the previous user's wear and tear.

I don't currently know what jets it has in it. I will be riding at sea level and I live in Southern Georgia so it's gonna be 80 degrees Fahrenheit and up most of the year. The bike has a removed airbox snorkel, K&N airfilter, and a cut-out baffle.

I'm really looking forward to getting this thing going again.

Tell me if I forgot any info!

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