Help!!! Bike wont start

Hope someone can help me. I was out riding, bike was running good then i I STALLED the bike and know it wont start. I tried changing the spark plug because i thought maybe i flooded it and fouled the plug. When I kick the bike over it backfires about every 3rd to 4th kick.

Im knew to four strokes, so hopefully someone can help me out.:thumbsup:

WOW, what a helpful site!!


Something I noticed about my '09 vs. my old '99 YZ is that I give it just a little bit of throttle when I kick it like about 1/16th to 1/8th and it fires up. I had my bike out yesterday for the first time and it started first kick then died and I kicked on it for another 5 full minutes before it would fire again. Just like any bike they are all a little different and you have to kind of figure out what works for you.

A couple of tips that work for me.

1. If it has not been started. Pull the choke, give it 2 pumps of throttle letting the spring return it both times.

2. Let the kicker go to the very top of its stroke so you can maximize the amount of time you are kicking the bike. Short strokes or little kicks that work fine on a 2 stroke don't seem to work at all on a 4.

3. Make sure your jetting is spot on. My '99 was a bear to start until I learned a few tricks and put the JD jetting kit in. The '09 seems like it is jetted much better from the factory so I don't think I will touch it but I did pick up a 165 main as a lot of people have recommended. If I ever tear it down I might put it in or not just depends on how it seems to be running to me. I ride at about 3,000ft - 7,000ft with the majority right at 5,000ft, I believe Alberta is fairly close to that.

4. Those pops you are hearing mean that you are getting very close to it firing. Pay close attention to anything you have done right before hearing those sounds and try to hone in on what your bike "likes"

Good luck and if anybody else has anything to add to help this guy out feel free to respond even if you think my advice is wrong. :thumbsup:

Check your valve clearences...

''skoobeesnak'' - thanks for the advise.

''motojase316'' - The bike only has 10-15hrs on it I shouldnt have to check valve clearance yet, should I?

check for the simple things first like if your getting spark. pull plug, put it back in the rubber boot and touch the tip against the cylinder and see if there is spark.

Undo the float bowl nut (17mm) and turn the fuel tap on, see if fuel is flowing through the carb.

If they both check out than you can pull the valve cover and check there. Check valve clearances as they may have had enough time to wear in by now and re-shim if necessary. Also checked the timing has not skipped by looking in your manual and comparing all timing marks line up

Not sure what else for now. Highly doubt its the killswitch but you will find out by the first test anyhow

Well turns out that my timing chain jumped 3 links. The bike has 10hrs on it. Has anyone else had this problem?

Are there any tight or kinked links in the chain when it's slack?

Well turns out that my timing chain jumped 3 links. The bike has 10hrs on it. Has anyone else had this problem?

That's really worrying for a bike of such low hours, is it an 09? i couldn't find where you stated what year it was

yeah its a 2009

And the answer to my last question?

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