WR in a Harescramble

Hey guys, I just have a few questions. With these heavier bikes, what gearing do you use in the rear? I find my self stalling this bike alot and I tend to lose some ground..Im going to try different gearing untill I can afford my Rekluse..

Clutch control is your friend. Feather that clutch and you won't stall the bike. This is a skill that I work on as much as I can in the slow stuff. A moving engine is easier to handle as well.

I also think the stock gearing is just a little fast on the bottom. I don't know if you could try 12/50 to use the same chain length? Try turning your idle speed up.

I just got a Z-start installed on mine and I love it. :thumbsup: Excellent bike control in the tight stuff. What they don't tell you is to adjust the idle speed first, then monkey with springs. Of course if I had the extra cash, I would have got the pro.

I'll go one up on the rear for 99% of courses.

On a related note, and not saying this is you, I stall/crash/make mistakes/go slower more in races whether it be a motorcycle race or a shooting competition or snowboarding. The pressure of "being judged." Then I breathe and relax and take care of myself, not the others in the race.

And that's when I quit stalling my bike in corners, etc, because I have the flowing lines and loose body english and awareness of engine sound to know if my motor is about to puke.

For H&H and hare scrambles I have played around with going 1 and 2 teeth on the rear and have settled back with the stock gearing. The only time I switch now is trips to Moab and then I go 2 on the rear. I would think stalling is a matter of riding style, gearing never seems to matter much to me. By the way 2 teeth on the rear will lose you about 25-30mph top speed.

By the way 2 teeth on the rear will lose you about 25-30mph top speed.

huh :thumbsup:

I find it's more like 1.5-2mph per tooth.

I race hare scrambles with mine, tight 1st, second gear stuff.

With the motor stock (except free mods of course) I've run 12/50.

YZ exhaust system I went 13/52.

With my HC piston and YZ cams I now run 13/51.

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