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No full size quads at et motocross until further notice

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Due to water restraints and lack of quad participation there will be no more quad practice at ET until Further notice. This weekend was kind of the do or die for quads at ET. We opened last weekend with only a few that showed up, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday the same story. It seemed you wanted to go to the tracks that haven't supported you in the past and will do the same to you in the future. There are pleanty of you out there as half of you were out at other tracks all week and on Saturday and Sunday during the State rounds. Before you start on me I think you all know I have done my best in the last 2 years to get you to come to our facility and have quads as part of a normal program at ET. We are the only facility that ran quads as a consisitant part of our race program for a year and a half. (Again no turnout 7 average) I understand the economy and see that t has hurt your turnouts. I do not believe that the economy has racially selected the quad community to be harder on than the bike motorcycle community. Endline you guys really need to support those that continue to support you in the sport. Not the ones that see a quick financial gain out of you and then throw you aside again until they need another quick burst of $. You guys know that I like you, I know you have a place in the sport, but until there are either more of you or less tracks financially we can not continue to have quads at ET. Alot more water and a ton more prep after you leave to only make the track decent not great again.

As always all Mini quads will be allowed to practice and race at ET but no full size quads.

Thanks again for your support and hope things can turn around in the future,


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