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Jet my z

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installing new engine in motorcycle later this week.

Want to redo the jetting before i put everything back together.

Throwing it back together with a 3x3, stock exhaust, stock carb.

Will be ridding it in Tucson throughout the summer @ ~3000ft @ 70-100F temps.

Setting suggestions?

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Try this again with the appropriate information:


2)~3000, Tucson offers everything UP to 100F. Will be riding 80on/20off road.

I ride like a hooligan.

3)Stock E motor. Pulled my snorkel out; which left a gaping 3.5x3.5" hole.

4)Currently do not have CURRENT jetting. But will get post reply with it later next week.

5)Current issues = none that I know of. Putting a new engine in, then i guess we'll find out :\

6)does the running issue change?affected by motor temp?better or worse when hot?better or worse when cold? N/a

Thanks again!

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