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Drz 09 problems when washed *HELP*

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Hey Guys

Awesome Forum

Ive just brought a new 400e about a month ago

I went out bush last weekend and it wall great performed A+

When I got home i gave it a wash just with the hose plugging the exhaust

The I went out today and the problem started , it sits and idles perfect it runs perfect when on the throttle but when I roll off the throttle and slow down it keeps cutting out and like surging , It hasn't stalled yet but it must of happend 20 times within an hour

So i took it back to my truck and cleaned out all the electrical connections and I drained the fuel and replaced it

Not sure any help would be great I love the bike Ive gone from a Husaberg to the Drz and very happy with my choice I can commute to work and hit the bush on the weekends

And not have to service my bike every ride




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water may have found it's way into the float bowl and may have contaminated the pilot jet.you may want to drain and remove the float bowl to clean it out.also remove and clean the pilot jet and main jet.the jets must be clean and clear.it would also be a good idea to drain the fuel tank and clean it out thoroughly and refill with fresh fuel.ensure the tank and carb vent lines are clear and that no water is trapped within.that's where i would start.

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