Oil pressure

Hi all,

I got a friend's bike for an oil change the other day, a '04 WR450f.

After adding new oil, I loosened the M6 bolt up in the head, started the bike, and waited for oil to start creeping out. But it did not.

I finally removed the bolt completely, and oil started coming out. Does this mean there isn't enough oil pressure? Because I changed oil in another friend's WR250F not too long ago, and with the bolt only slightly loosened, oil came out!



So nobody has a clue about this?

I haven't loosened that bolt to check for flow, but it is a good idea. I've bought two YZ's for dirt cheap because they had head damage due to lack of oil flow.

The Honda XR engines have a similar external oil line. When I've done oil flow checks on these bikes oil will come out the bolt after loosening it just a couple turns. If you have to remove the bolt to see oil, I would think something is wrong.

nlan, I reckon this definitely means you haven't got enough oil pressure. I've had two WRs and both would weep very quickly just by slightly loosing the check bolt, so something's a miss.

In terms of a solution - I'm no expert. Could be a block somewhere along the oil routes, could be the filter, could be the oil pump. Not sure how to narrow down exactly what is and isn't getting oil.

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