rear light ,aftermarket rubbish

can anyone steer me towards a good aftermarket rear/stop light for the wr450 08 as iv,e had two crap italian apologies for a light and they meet some water and give up the ghost . Im looking for the same style ie L.E.D version with a brake light and could do with a recommendation.

PS whats probably worse is the itailian firm are getting them from china and they still manage to buy the ones that reinforce the old story about rubbish italian electrics:lol:

Looks exactly the same to me. Mine came with the scoot. 1/2 the price is a good deal!

The stock taillight has a second circuit for a brake light, as does the headlight for the hi/lo beam. I just picked up a hydraulic brake light switch and wired it directly from the battery, with an inline fuse. There is a company here is Michigan called sicass racing that can fix you up, regardless whether you want to replace or wire up the stock lights. (

thanks for input , the ligjht i got turns out its from a firm called drc and its japonese,bugger not so inscrutable,(is that racist) not to bothered if they cant take a joke as they have been passing off tut as a light and laughing all the way to the ,you fill inthe rest :thumbsup:

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