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difference between a 05 YZ250FT and YZ250T1?

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Quick question here...

I am putting a 2005 head on my 2004 YZ250F so I am looking to buy an 05 piston, but when I go on cyclepartswarehouse.com they show both the YZ250FT and YZ250T1... which one is going to be compatible with my 04 YZ250F?

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ahah sorry I posted too soon... answered my own question (kind of obvious I know)

YZ250T1 being T for two stroke

YZ250FT being F for four stroke lol..

I think the key is the "F" in the model name. The other is most likely the 2 stroke YZ250.

ahah you beet me to the post button...

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You're reading the Yamaha code letters that tell the model year and model of the bike.

Broken down, it goes like this:

YZ-250 = The 2-stroke YZ

YZ-250F = The 4-stroke YZ

T1 = Model year code used by the Yamaha factory on their motorcycles and ATVs to designate a 2005 model.

However, it's a bit tricky until you know that this is the second time they've gone through the alphabet, and the first time a T was used was for the 1987 models.

Any model that was around during the first trip through the alphabet (like the YZ-250 was) gets a 1 after the letter T to show the difference between the 1987 and 2005 models.

In other words:

YZ-250T = 1987 YZ-250.

YZ-250T1 - 2005 YZ-250.

This also means that any model that was not around back in 1987 won't have a 1 after the T, such as with a YZ-250F, so it's just called a YZ-250FT.

Easy, huh? ­čĹŹ

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