brake line

I've heard much talk of the preferable method of front brake line routing being Honda style. This is routing the line as direct as possible to the caliper instead of going under the front of the fork and then to the caliper. Has anyone converted their line in this manner? Is it worth switching?

If so, who makes the parts (shorter line, etc.) necessary for the conversion? Any advice/experience would be appreciated!



like a kid again, 00426

Haven't tried it but heard that it works great. Give it a try and let US know.



Fastline makes the reinforced brake line for the 426 that's meant to be routed CR style. I have it on my bike but the problem I'm having is keeping a reliable fork guard clamp on the damn thing. Surf & Turf makes a pretty sano clamp and works great on the stock plastic fork guards as long as you take your time and install it correctly. I ruined my guard by just being dumb. Since I ruined the guard and decided to replace with carbon fiber units, I went with Carbon Fiber Works guards with their CR style supplied clamp. I can't recommend them. The method they use to secure the clamp to the guard is best. It lasted about 4 hours and then a large chunk of the guard broke off and the clamp(and line) flopped around loose. I then installed the Surf & Turf clamp. What I've learned from all of this is that anytime a carbon fiber or plastic piece is bolted to the bike, the mounting holes need reinforcement.... WITH BUSHINGS!. The stock fenders, side panels, and radiator scoops all have bushings in the mounting holes. The aftermarket plastic pieces do not. Hey, Acerbis, UFO, One Industries....and all you carbon fiber parts makers, you can DO BETTER!

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I have used the Fastline hose with acceptable results. I have also used the stock Honda hose and liked it better. I now have a "Honda style" Russell SS braided brake line that I will try on my new bike. I really hate bleeding them though.

The hose mount is a real problem, and no one has offered a good solution. Even the factory team has a cheesy method by reusing the lower clamp. After three years of trying different ideas, I finally came up with a solid, lightweight, foolproof clamp design, and tested it successfully for one year. I will be making a new one for my new bike, and I could make more if anyone wants one.

I have not tried this but I got the idea from a Factory Castrol-Honda CBR600 i once owned.

The brake lines of that bike was held into place by zip-ties.

Easy, durable, cheap and no sweat to replace!

See ya.......

Hey Scott F I'd be interested. Give me some info, I'd like to check it out.

MrMXer, it's aluminum, light, strong, and uses no bolts. It rivets to the fork guard, and securely holds the hose with two mini hose clamps. If you are not in a big hurry, I will make a couple in the near future.

I've used the Fastline brake line with very good results (but I still think that the front brake on my new 250F is even better) and I've had good results using a CNC mount from SurfnTurf racing,check out the website:

Scott: I'm very interested in your clamp also...especially the rivet type mount. I would glad compensate you for a set.

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