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1984 CR125 Big Bore. Need Help!

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OK i have redone quite a bit on this bike needs some minor things still to make perfect. Anyway, I know plenty about bikes but need to learn more on carbs. i can tear em apart clean em and put em back together but not sure on the jetting with this big bore. I know the bike feels good, after just seating the rings, but its not right and its in the carb. I know i need new pipe due to 2 holes in current one but carb cant be right. Anyway would like to know what should be done with carb. Also i have new uni filter and getting some boyesen reeds or should i go with different reeds. Any advice on what i should do with the beast. shes quick just has more potential than what im feeling. Also this bike is for sale so let me know soon. Would like to get rid of it with it doing better than it is. Post it here or hit me up at garland_shawn@yahoo.com

Also whats the best oil to use on air filter? used 10/30 and 10/40 in the past and know its not right but just did it so no dry rot. And Spark plug what would be the best with this bore. Have been using a BR8 but only lasted about 15 hrs. I lost track i had another question but forgot. Any help greatly appreciated.

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