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need help asap 650l

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I was dialing in my suspension today and on the rear rebound adjuster it just keeps turning.

it clicks but I don't think it is doing anything did anyone ever strip one out?

I know I will have to pull it off to see whats up, and tomorrow i'm riding single track and my rebound is slow.oh well.


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Are you refering to the one at the bottom? If so...it acts on a wedge that pushes on a needle,(about the size of a niting needle).into a orfice that's at the piston.Normally the needle is pushed back down because the nitrogen presure on the oil,when you loosen the screw.But if it's stuck (rare if ever) the flow of the oil will blow it down once you hit a good bump.(yes the rebound hole is the same as the compression hole,goes both ways..)

Option #2 the wedge could be stuck and the screw stripped.

I'd start by having the shock presure checked then charged.

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