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quick carb help, I imagine its simple but im/were dumb! (PICS)

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ok heres the problem; a young friend of mine says hes having problems with the mikuni carb off his 91 rm80... it just shoots gas out of the 2 circled holes in the pics.



so I tell him to bring his carb over ill help him... turns out he has his fuel screw tightened in all the way, as well as the air screw ­čĹŹ, so I unscrew the fuel screw and set it to 1.5 turns out (guess), I also turnout his air/idle screw about 2 turns out just to see.

he had a tab on his float bowl that he also bent trying to fix his problem.. so we bent that back so it was straight.

then we hooked up a hose to his fuel intake nipple on the carb and tried to push water through it.. nothing. we couldnt get water to flow through the carb, it seemed plugged, or are we just idiots? but water will pour like a tap out of the hole in the bottom picture (the silver hole not the gold one) he doesnt have the needle in the carb, nor is the top cap on, so I figure that might be part of the problem.

I would really like to get this figured out for him as he just spent 120$ in parts and only needed a few of them... hes not the smartest mechanically but hes an amazing rider for someone of his age/bike.

maybe it will be different when its on the bike with the throttle and needle hooked up to it? otherwise.. why does the fuel nipple not let any fuel through?


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