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4 Hours of Free Time

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So right now I am taking my 4 hour drivers ed course, which is awsome. So I will not get any points on my license. (Thanks to my new SM510, it wasn't my fault). I was caught doing multiple wheelies according to the cop. All I was doing was accelerating from the stop sign. It is hard to keep the damn front end down. I tried to explain this to the cop, but he didn't understand. He was the typical douch. I also want to explain that it was 7:00 in the morning, 100 yards from my house, and I live so far in the middle of nowhere that the road that I had just come off of, from the stop sign was dirt. So I wasn't harming anyone. Besides even the ticket said that I was only wheeling aproximatly a foot three times to be exact. But to sum it all up my fine for the "wheelies" is $1159! and this damn class. Ridiculous, yes. Easy Revenue for the state, yes. You would think a state that you can ride in all year round would be kind to bikers (FL). Thank you FL legislation for taking out your stupidity, greed, and ignorance about motorcycling out on me.

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