Plating a WR450??

I am here alot and never really post, but I have decided I need some help that the search tool seems to be failing:banghead: or I am to dense to figure out:bonk:.

I have an '09 WR450 that I got thinking I was out of the DS realm (my GSA and a dirt bike seemed like a good combo). I am finding that to take my DRZ-SM to DS mode is not what I want to do.

Can anyone provide me with clear assistance on getting my WR plated on CA so I play offroad in more areas and with some of my DS buddies?

Seems like there are alot of scams out there that don't work...

I appreciate the help, and will gladly provide beers for the effort.

BTW, I am sorry if this is another annoying thread.


BTW, I am sorry if this is another annoying thread.


:thumbsup: dude ur obviously not looking good enough lol start at DMV and find out from there where they would even allow you to get it plated I did mine over 2 years ago

There are a ton of posts out there regarding this! I know because I've been researching it for months!

There are folks who are getting bikes plated but they are one in a million and seem to have an inside with DMV.

And the worst stories are those of DMV coming back and revoking previously issued tags!

I am going through my home state, NOT CA!, where I have a residence, where it's easy to convert OHV to Street Legal.

Good luck!


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