chain slider

Anyone ever use or currently using T.M. Designworks chain slide and/or block? Worth the money? Thoughts/opinions appreciated.



like a kid again, 00426

I have the slider on a '98 400. It seems fine. Though, It's so thick, you get a little slap . I'm happy with it. As far as the brake line kit goes, Fastline make one.

The T.M. Designworks slider is much harder than stock....looks to be made of teflon. It's so noisy from the chain slapping underneath the swingarm that a few people have approached me after a moto to warn me that it sounds like my sprocket has come loose. It's only noisy under acceleration. Is it worth the price? Since the stock slider will wear quickly on top of the swingarm and it's hard to detect unless you lift the chain and look closely, the T.M. will last much longer and could prevent the chain from gouging into the swingarm. If you keep a close eye on the stock slider for wear and replace it, the T.M. may not be cost effective. The noise is really bad.

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Ditto on the noise. It is VERY loud, especially when chopping the throttle going into a turn. It wore pretty well, but I won't buy another one. It was a nightmare. The bolts and bushings kept falling out due to the constant slapping, even with loctite. Eventually the threads in the swingarm were ruined. I tapped it bigger, from M5 to M6, and those got ruined too. I then had to install an M5 rivnut which worked well.

OTOH, the chain guide is very good, but I did lose one bolt and bushing. It is quiet, wears well, and is lighter than stock. Plus you can put it on without breaking the chain.

I'll be keeping an eye on the stock slider.

Scott F

A friend of mine has these on his 98 400 and his made a hell of a racket at first. The next time I rode with him I didn't here them. He says that chain adjustment is very critical. If you run the chain to loose they make tons of noise. He also says it helps to run an O-ring or X-ring chain. To him the reduction in friction was the biggest improvement, says it feels like 3 more horse power. I did here Ty's (Davis) bike at a National H&H, it sounded like it was going to blow up, the chain noise was insane. I will try them when mine wear out.


Mine quit making noise after a while but it was loud at first. I got a piece of all thread and ran it all the way through both rear mounting holes in my swingarm after I ruined the threads on the top hole. Yamaha should be embarrassed with the stock guard, mine lasted about 5 hours. The TM slider looks the same after 100 hours as it did after 20.

I’ve got the chain guide and rollers as well and they look to be bulletproof also.

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