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Bultaco Sherpa T350 misfiring

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I thought I would put this out here for some help! I own a 1974/5 Sherpa T350 that I have had for a little over a year. I recently had an engine rebuild done and it was running great for a few days then it began to misfire at mid to high rpm. it is not a true backfire but a short popping cough.

Ive got a 50/50 mix of Exxon 93 octane pump gas and VP U4.2 with Spectro oil mixed at a 52:1 ratio. It starts easily, and the plug is not fouled at all. the Femsa ignition was rebuilt as was the Amal carb. I dont think it is a carb issue. The previous owner had relocated a condenser to the frame to get it out of the heat. It is an old brass Mallory unit. I went to an auto part store bought a smaller condenser wired it up and mounted it and the problem persisted.

Im not at all familiar with a points ignition system could the problem reside in the coil? Any help would be appreciated!

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