Rekluse Z-start pro clutch for 05 WR450F

I have installed Rekluse Z-start pro clutch for 05 WR450F, yesterday.

At break in, it looks like no problem but a few minutes later, a engine stall at idle. And I found "the pressure plate is too close and will cause the bike to drag at idle" from Rekluse homepage but no information about how to solve it.

spring & balls setted as medium hard => drag at idle and stall

spring & balls setted as medium soft => it looks OK though I cannot so sure about it.

Please let me know how to maintain idle without drag.

Thank you.


I have a '07, my bike does the same. I usually dont idle for long, if I do, I usually pull in the clutch. You can tighten the clutch cable, that will relieve the drag. Gotta love that Rekluse!!! :thumbsup:

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