Technical Service Bulletin M2003-007 has been revised to M2003-007A

I am not sure if everyone was aware that the Damaged Generator Rotor (Flywheel) Woodruff Key Technical Service Bulletin (WR450) M2003-007 has been revised to M2003-007A effective 05/02/03. This may be old news by now but I didn't remember seeing it posted.

It has only a few revisions but clearly states that the affected serial number range is CJ043-0000014 ~ CJ043-0002694 units sold outside of this affected range have been modified at the factory.

The local dealer strongly recommended having a Genuine Yamaha dealer make the initial repair because if the woodruff key failed a 2nd time (like some have) and damaged the rotor you'd more than likely be own your own paying for the repairs.

Best news I heard all day!!! (I am around 3150)

Great news indeed! I still have a key on backorder! My bike number is 2996 (frame) I now have close to 500 miles on this thing and need a rear tire, runs great. When I looked at the nut through the cover hole there was a blue mark on the nut and crank from the factory. I have riden the bike hard and only used the kickstart twice! Love that E-button!

The last four numbers of my VIN are 1276. I have spun the rotor 3x's. The last time my dealer Apex Yamaha got a whole new crankshaft and rotor from Yamaha. They split the cases and put it back together. It's running really strong and has 110 new miles. However it has "snezzed" during starting 3x's. Once with the kick and twice electric. It really makes a scary metallic sound. They may have just fixed the symptom. Butterbean may be rite.

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