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E model,

standard set up,

just off tickover when the throttles opened slowly it tries to stall, gets better when the engine is warmer,

its not major, but i can feel it doing it, does the mixture screw need adjustment?

if so, in or out, ?

any idea,s? (exept open the throttle faster:banghead:)👍

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So, when the motors cold you have some problem with throttle response, but when it warms up all is ok?

Sounds yer good to go. Don't change a thing.

no, its better when warm, not ok

if im in traffic sometimes, it causes problems stalling as i set off slowly,

it stalls quite a lot , i wonder,d if its related,

i may have the tickover too low though, someone said 1700rpm?

im used to a lower tickover on bigger bikes,im not used to a light flywheel,high revving single,so i may be causing some probs myself in traffic by not revving it high enough and having the tickover at 1200rpm?

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what is meant by the term "tickover"?i've never heard that before.i'm having difficulty understanding what you've written.



im gonna pull the carb today an do the eddie mod, as i can see the holes badly worn, this may cure it,

i just noticed the locktite thread for the alternator too, (happened to me 3 week ago)

i need to look on here more often:bonk:

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