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bogging ts250? help!

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Hi all! so i grew some balls after rebuilding a vespa this winter and got a 72 ts 250 and am selling the vespa to a hipster. I picked the bike up off cl with a clean title and extra parts for 400$ running. only now its not running right... since i picked it up ive rewired it back to the original diagram as someone made it just for offroading. this way i can have blinkers horn ect brake lights.. Im missing the signal relay but thats all. I bled the oil pump line which lubricates the case crankcase as it had air bubbles:( it seemed that i had to do this a couple times before i didn't see air in the line. i adjusted the oil pump to spec. adjusted the air to 1.5 turns & got the bike idling good.

Only upon acceleration it blubbers out.. rich mixture right? so i tried a hotter b7es from b8es plug and ran it for a few minutes, the smoke subsided but then it started to bog out and it wouldn't start unless i pulled the choke.

Also the worst part is that after trying the hotter plug i noticed some greasy slime coming from the baffler.. now it's not idiling good.. its wet at the exhast fitting too:( *** is going on!

the trans oil is filled to spec and im running motul full synth for dirtbikes through the oil pump.

mostly just concerned about the slime..

any and all answers are appreciated!!

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