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2000 400ex hot cam choice

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I was wanting to know the best cam for my 2000 400ex it has been bored to a 426, with a 13:1 weisco piston, dg slip on, and uni air filter i was wanting to have it go faster then it does now. I have enough tourqe just want top end it runs easy 70mph behind my friends car right on his 👍 but i was told stage one is for low power,stage two for mid,and stage three for top end:prof:. I am leaning towards the stage three but i dont know what all has to be done for the stage three cam:confused:. also i have to put two heli coils in the right side of the crank case where the bolts go trough head and jug into the bottom end so why not change the base gasket head gasket cam and inspect the motor:thumbsup: i am already there

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