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Mud-Rock-Ding Flap How-To

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One of my typical setup mods is what some call a 'mud flap.' I live on a remote ranch with lots of gravel roads. Without the flap the pipe, frame and engine front are continually getting pinged by little rocks. In mud the front of the engine gets trashed and baked on. So here's what I do:

On the KLX400/DRZ400, however, the exhaust pipe is routed in front of the single downtube, thus a rubber flap would melt when contacting the pipe. The fix is 1"-wide ceramic fabric tape I get from McMaster-Carr.


I spiral wrap the tape, affix with loops of .025" stainless steel wire as I go. The job you see here was done with pipe pulled forward a bit but not removed (that requires radiator dismount).

The flap is 1/8" rubber you can also buy from McMaster that has linear ridges one side and a flat cross hatch pattern on the back. It's used sometimes as a toolbox liner. I affix the flap to the fender with short self-tapping sheetmetal screws (wide head Phillips style), then with wire cutters I snip off the protruding stems of the screws so they don't scrape the frame or snag a radiator guard.

With this flap the front of the engine is protected, the worse the conditions are the more it helps.

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