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NC requirements to ride a bike?

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So, I'm getting ready to buy a bike and I just realized, I don't have a stinkin' license.

Now, can someone outline in a simple matter what are the procedures/stages for getting a license/being allowed to ride the DRZ 400?

Let's say I get it on Monday and I have nothing but a car license, WHAT is the MINIMUM I have to do to get out and ride, at least temporarily till I can get my $hit together and get the license?

I asked two cops today and got two different answers so I thought I'd go to the source 👍



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Just FYI. I have found the stuff on the DMV site but my problem is reading comprehension with written instructions so I kinda need someone to break it down for me.


Also, where can I find the written tests or books so I can study for the test so I don't fail it the first time?

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I think it breaks down into two separate things you need to do.

1. get the bike itself legal.

This means having the bike inspected at a NC Bike inspection station, to make sure the horn and blinkers and lights work and mirrors are in place etc....

Then means going to the DMV tag office with a notorized bill of sale and title, shown that it was sold to you. plus you will need proof of insurance on the bike. You will have to buy a tag and registration.

2. You need a motorcycle endorsement on your drivers license.

From what I remember of NC's rules ( I got my endorsement back in the mid 90's and now live in SC ) the endorsement can be done in two stages.... a learners permit stage and full on endorsement stage.

To get the learner endorsement you just need to take and pass the written test.

To study for the test, just drop by a DMV office and ask for study material, they will give you a booklet to read to study for the questions.

The learners permit allows you to ride, but not after dark and no passengers. There may be a limited time before it expires if you don't finish the testing and get the full endorsement.

The written test has ALOT of questions concerning drinking and driving. The rest of the stuff is common sence stuff any rider would know the anwsers to.

The full on endorsement is obtained by making a appointment with the DMV office to come up there for a road test of you and your bike through a course they set up in the parkinglot with cones. Pass that and the written and you get the endorsement. The endorsement is good for life....

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You mean, I CAN'T, right?

It's ok though. I won't have that long before I get my license and besides, I need a new drivers license anyway so I'll bust up two birds with one stone there

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All the learners permit restricts is carrying a passenger. But it does expire, and you will need to eventually take the riding portion of the test and get a full endorsement. A full "M" endorsement lasts a lifetime unless you let it laps when you renew your license. The learners permit expires after 1 year, if I remember correctly.

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