yz450 pipe on wr450 jetting suggestions......

Anyone out there have a yz450 pipe on their wr450 if so I could use some jetting specs.Oh by the way I have a canadian model with stock jetting... :)

Thanks for any input.....Todd

i got a yz pipe on my wr 450. The only jet i changed is the main jet from 160 to 162. I tried others but this seemed to pull the best. i am at about 3000 feet and i usally ride higher than that and it works good until i get around 6000 to 7000 but still not bad. the clip is still in stock position(#4) i might move it around and see if theres any diffrence. the pilot is still the #48 but its still got a little bit of a bog and doesnt always start the best with the e-button(but always start with the kick start). the fuel screw is around 2 turns. I still got some playing to do to get the bottom running perfect but i am having to much fun riding it right now to mess with it. :)

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