2001 yz 426 water problem

i just rebuilt my 426 new crank assembly new p&r gaskets &seals. the problem is when i fill my radiators it goes straight in crankcase maybe i left something out any help would be greatly appreciated thanks

There is (or should be) an O-ring at the joint between the right crankcase cover and the crankcase to seal the water passage from the pump, another similar O-ring at the cylinder base, the head gasket, and that's pretty much it, unless someone decided to monkey with the hex head plug in the center of the head, between the cams. A missing or damaged water pump seal should leak to the outside.

i check the o ring &dowel in right case cover it shouldbe okay ithink the one in the cylinder is where exacly is the hex screw you are talking about thanx

sorry you already told me i will check that i traded for bike ans it was already took apart thanx alot

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