YZ426 Tips

This forum is awesome, thanks so much to everyone who posted messages for my problem. I have gotten some great advice. I hope when I get the bike back I can trust it and rely on it. There is nothing worse than riding a machine you don't trust. At this point I will always wonder what will happen next. I have also asked them to check out the water pump as I have heard many of the 98's have problems there and I noticed that there was some small metal flakes in the coolant and I orginally thought the engine noise was either a valve or water pump knock. Anyone heard of this problem?

mikeolichney- you mentioned writing yamaha a letter? What kind of letter do you suggest? One complaining of the problem as a factory issue or one that indicates the poor serivce at the dealer? Also you asked about the dealers name.. I am Wichita Kansas and the dealer is K&N Yam/Kawasaki they are really the only yam/kawi dealer in town and they on Nichols Honda Suzuki the which is the only Suziki dealr and one of two honda dealers in town.. They pretty much own the market..

thanks again for everyones help and opinions they sure do help a bunch!

Now I’m all confused because I just read on the WR side how the ’98 impeller shaft was faulty and fixed for ’99 but when I looked up the part on the HLSM web site the PN is unchanged for ’98 – ’00.

Perhaps they already updated the part.

I can relate to your situation Tom, El Paso is the closest market to me and there is, for all practical purposes, only one dealer there (KTM, Husky, Yam, Suz, Hon, Bombardier, Polaris, GoPed, …you get the idea) and they are awful. No need to post their name, if you are in El Paso and contemplating some parts, service or a new bike my advice to you is keep on driving. Like Boit I get all my parts mail order. I like NCY (fair svc., fair knowledge, excellent price and inventory) and Montclair Yam (great svc., great knowledge, fair price & inv.).

I've never let the local mechanics touch any bike I've owned, at first because I couldn't afford it but now because I'm not willing to risk it. At least when errors are made I can only blame myself, this is infinitely less frustrating (believe it or not) than when some OTHER idiot has screwed up your bike.

I just downloaded and printed all the fiches (in GIF format) and all the lists (HTML) from the HLSM site and put this in a binder, it is helpful to have the exploded view (like Boit said) for repairs and I think the parts guys appreciate it when you have the PN ready when you call.

NCY 800-225-1629

Montclair 800-743-3926 (closed Sun & Mon).

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Hick, how did your binder turn out? I did this years ago for the CR250, but I did it from a microfiche reader. I wish I knew how to do it from HLSM.

I just downloaded and printed all the fiches (in GIF format) and all the lists (HTML)[/b]

This is the VERY thing that burns my a@@ up! You deal with an incompetent dealer/mechanic with a crappy attitude and it ends up costing you mega-bucks only to end up with a machine that is worse off than when you started. I'm prone to fits of rage when it comes to events such as these. Sometimes that gets results....other times I get nowhere except skyrocketing blood pressure. the best insurance to prevent such occurences is to educate one's self as much as possible before bringing your machine to a shop just to turn it over to them so that they start from scratch with trouble shooting. The more you know about your machine, the better equipped you are when one of these scumbags makes a statement that your bike has NO rev limiter. My 2000 426 has never been back to the dealer for anything since I bought it last March. If it breaks, I'll do the repairs myself. HLSM has an online microfiche for all the part numbers so I can either order them thru a discount shop, or check the prices against what the dealer will charge. I can ASSURE you that the dealer will be at least 20% higher in cost. All the dirt bike magazines and Cycle News have ads from discount parts suppliers and you can save a lot of money by ordering from them...plus the parts are delivered to your door via UPS and most of the time that is no sales tax. I refuse to give my business to an unscrupulous dealer! There is a 3 brand bike dealer about 15 minutes from my house but I lost my temper with them about a year ago and screamed in front of a few customers that I would NEVER set foot in that shop again!...and haven't. I wonder what those customers thought? If I were in a shop and I witnessed someone exploding like that, I would think twice about dealing with such a shop.

Hey tom ask for the boat load of parts back that they repaced for you. ALWAYS request for the parts that are repaced to put in a box for you to inspect. And as a mech it pisses me off to no end when someone forgot to tighten the cam chian bolts on the intake sprocket, just a hunch, or the exhaust would have been bent as well. good luck!

Thanks for all the input guys.I've learned more here in the last couple of days than anywhere else. I keep running back to my office just to see what I've missed. You fellas are gonna get me in trouble - this forum rocks. As I said before, I'll be calling on you guys often. Anyway, talked to dealer yesterday - he confirmed a late Feb. delivery. My brother ordered a yz250f - we're both like 2 expecting fathers. We cleaned and redecorated the garage like it's some kind of nursery (everything is Yamaha blue). Our wives look puzzled.


I'm up late at night dreaming of roosting my buddies.They're still teasing and I just keep smiling. Advised them all to maybe pick up some new chest protectors.


Thanks for all the info. About that whip -it. That would've sucked - getting nice and flat and then landing it like that. As far as hiding my credit cards - wife already took them. She knows better. That's Ok, she thinks I give her all my money. There's always an emergency stash for just such occasions. And I consider gadgets for the new scoot an emergency.

Once again, thanks to all. I'll keep checking up on you guys and as soon as my new baby arrives, you all be the first to know.

Originally posted by Scott F:

Hick, how did your binder turn out? I did this years ago for the CR250, but I did it from a microfiche reader. I wish I knew how to do it from HLSM.

I don’t know how well it will work or if it will help but I just posted a new topic called “Print Your Own Parts Book” with links to each “exploded view” and its corresponding parts list so you can click and print, click and print you own parts book, but only for the YZFM (’00 426). I hope this is the bike you own and I hope you have access to a printer otherwise I may have just wasted 20 minutes writing a post nobody will use…

The parts “lists” will probably have to be printed in “landscape” form but I think the exploded views fit normally on letter-size paper.

So go try it Scott, or somebody, I hate to think I just wasted my time.

Nah, I take that back, I’m always willing to waste a little time…

Hey Guys,

Now I'm really confused. I ordered a '01 426 but now I stumble across a mint '00 426 for $1500 less. Can anyone justify getting the '01 instead. I am aware of the slight changes between the two. Obviously, I have to look into the service records of this model. The '01 bike is at the same dealer that I ordered the '01 from. Previous owner traded the 426 for a YZ125 and claims the bike was just too much for him.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.



Originally posted by Odie:

Hey Guys,

Now I'm really confused.


That’s a tough decision. Fifteen honey is a big diff. So I’m guessing the ’00 is going for around forty-five? That’s pretty good.

I’d get the ’00 if you are convinced it is in near-new condition. Sure, the ’01 has the “redesigned” clutch but hey, so did the ’00. For Yamaha the word “redesigned” can be substituted for the word “oops!” :).

The money you save can buy a Hinson, Scott’s damper, pipe, and a quality revalve. I’ve had mechanical problems with my ’00 but who’s to say you won’t find a lemon in the ’01???

Just my two cents.


$4500 - you hit it on the head. I'm definitely leaning towards the '00. I figured I can pick it up, buy all my doo-dads and still be way ahead of the game. I can bring it home next week and start tinkering. I just have to be sure that it's a good bike - I've never bought a used one. I've read some other posts and have a general idea of what to look for and what to listen for.

I just needed someone (other than my wife)

to reason this out. Man - that '01 looks sweet. Oh well - I'm getting the '00.



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If i were you I would get the 00' rather than the 01' they both make the same horsepower but the 01' feels like it revs a lot quicker (which it does due to ti valves)! But hey for the 1500 bucks you saved you can get a pipe combo, rear hub, clutch basket, and a good quality chain and still have plenty money left over (and with that 1500 bucks you have fixed the common problems)! You stumbled onto a great deal dont let this one pass you up (besides if the guy that rode the 426 before was scared of it and likes a YZ 125 he must have been a real wuss I mean come on who needs those little "bumble bees on steroids" 125's anyways) :) ! Just my 2 cents!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

Odie, I am trying to buy a 01 too. Found a deal in Tenn. they have 426 for $5299 no tax if out of state. You pay the shipping. I am talking to a local dealer that will sell out the door at $5900. What kind of deals are you seeing?

I got mine from a local racer who got my 426 for cost (he wasnt going to race the 426 anymore because he got a full race sponsorship from KTM to race the 520...can you believe he got a works 01' KTM 520 w/tons of trick parts for 4500 bucks) Anyway I got my 01' 426 for $6250 but I got many other little goodies that he gave me since he doesnt race a YZ anymore and I got to assemble my YZ because I got it in a crate (even had to take the bubble wrap off :) ) Well i thought i got a good deal but im sure someone else got a better deal as it always seems to happen like that!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX


I was so jazzed about getting the thumper, paying a few hundred more than the a deal someone else was supposedly getting was no big issue. I picked up mine fully assembled and prepped for only 5700. This bike has run flawlessly! Always starts on first or second kick when cold and no hot start button seems to be needed when its at racing temp. This thing is cool!

Flying Fynn2

Murrieta, CA


There is no way I'm letting this one go. I hope to bring her home this weekend, next weekend the latest. $1500 is way too much to ignore. I hope I don't have to address any of those problem areas other than the cheesy chain. Like I said before, this will be my 1st thumper - I need to learn the bike before anything else. About those "bumble bees on steroids" - I just unloaded a '96 RM250 but am keeping my '97 RM125, It flat out rips!


Deals? Man, that word does not exist here in New York. Most 2001 426's are spoken for. They're $6000 + tax. I'm shopping in Connecticut to avoid tax. My prices are MSRP - $5999 + $250 for dealer prep. That dealer prep is a bogus charge as it is only applied to the Blue and the Orange thumpers - Go Figure! Must be the short supply and huge demand thing. How much is the shipping for that scoot anyway?

Flying Fynn,

$5700 out the door - good shopping!


About that pipe combo, I've read all the comparisons and evaluations? Other than move the powerband around, I don't see any over-all power increases. I could be wrong! What pipe combo do you prefer?


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If you ride the rev limiter all the time or just like to rev it high then the stock pipe is the way to go. If you like low-midrange hit then the WB e series if probably the best cost for performance value! I'm sticking with the stock pipe because I like to rev the 426's brains out...and I dont have 300 bucks right now :) (that is the main reason) Wait til you ride your 426 I dont think you will want more power when ride it! Most people buy aftermarket pipes to move the power to the bottom-mid (to get the off the line advantage like a 2 stroke) and they also do it to save weight (but who needs to save 2lbs for $300...i would rather knock the mud off from underneath my fenders between motos) Eventually I'll get a exhaust (probably when i bend my stock one) Well hope this helps



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

A new dealer just north of chicago sent me a flier a few weeks ago with grand opening special 01 426 for $5199. Honda, suzuki, and other race bikes reduced about $600 to $800. and if you bought a bike they gave a team disc. on all the parts you need thru the year. thats cost plus 20%. Chicago Cycle Center. 1-773-338-7320.

Odie, the shipping is $370 from Tenn to DFW here in Texas. That Airborne express, kind of high. The dealer is The Great Outdoors Stores 1888-202-1264. Their running adds here in Texas. Yz426F $5299 and YZ250F $4999. Pretty good prices.

Looks like I will buy one here local. Going with a dealer here, picking it up tomorrow, ready to ride. I think tomorrow and Friday night I can tare it down and grease it. And ride this weekend. Good luck with yours.

I got my 01 426 from the Great Outdoor Store, I live in CO and shipping was $470. I saved about $500 to $1000 over buying it locally. If you have read any of the previous posts about plug fouling you will see my story. I dont blame the GOS for my predicament, but they couldn't help me out either, being many states away. After a carb swap and and CDI swap it now runs well. But I DNFed two HS in our 5 race series and put up with alot of frustration. My longtime dealer did very little to help, despite having bought bikes from him in the past. The told me that they needed a backordered needle to fix it, and until they got a ship date from Yamaha, they could not help me (Bullshit). I guess they figured since I wasn't loyal he did not owe me anything. I found another dealer who swapped parts for me until they got it running, they were awesome about helping me with very expensive parts swaps (thanks Gib at Twin Peaks). I am going to buy a WR250F from them because I know I can count on them to sort out any problems. I would have paid an additional $1000 not to have had the problems (although I realize buying locally does not mean the problems won't happen, just increases your chance of getting them taken care of promply and cost free). Something for you to think about.

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