650R gears

Hi all, ive been riding my BRP for about a month now and have officially decided that it is geared too high for alot of the really tight trails i ride, the clutch isnt going to like me very much if i dont gear it down. So, who out there is woods riding their BRP or riding tight sandy/rocky trails? what gears are you running? I also ride alot of mud and sand but not high speed for long distances. i am currently at stock 14/48. What can I change to without needing a new chain? I rarely ride faster than about 60MPH cuz most of the guys I ride with ride mxers (they hate my BRP making their little ring ting look slow :)). Any help is appreciated,

Hi. . I like using 13/49 for tighter stuff. Don't go more than one tooth smaller on the front sprocket,or the chain will drag the buffer too much. Hope this helps.


PS...4-strokes truck, 2-strokes SUCK!!

Culd i go any bigger on the back sprocket? Iam in the process of spending money on my bike so why stop now, still need a tire and sprockets. My chain is good so i want to go the biggest on the back that i can without needing a longer chain. I was also wondering, if I put a master link in my chain, is my bike gonna eat it? It is a pig after all and seems to like tires and gas, why not chains too. any help is appreciated, JR

I was kind of thinking the same thing...

Is there a combination that will wake up 2nd and 3rd specifically?

I use those two primarily for lifting the front wheel to cross streams/puddles/holes logs, etc.. Or would that require messing with the gear box? 1st seems to be rather low to begin with.



I think a trick BRP setup for woods riding would be to have it fitted with the z-Start autoclutch. I just intalled mine last week and got to test it out this weekend. It's simply AWESOME for tight trails!!!

I was riding some tight twisty narrow technical stuff with rocks, sand, hills, etc, and 2nd gear just ate it all up without any problems. It was very kool being able to fly down the small straights in 2nd and then come to the top of a small hill while jamming on the rear brake without stalling the engine, then come to a stop while still while balancing on the pegs to determine which direction to take and then gas it to take off while still in 2nd gear without using the clutch or shifting down. Riding down the short straights felt best in 2nd gear, but there were plenty of very tight turns and some obsticles that normally would have required me to shift down to 1st, but not with the z-Start because it did the declutching and clutching for me and kept me in the powerband all the time.

I climbed a hill that my kids thought was too gnarley for them to test out my z-Start and it saved my butt. Just before I got to the top of the hill, I hit a rock that nearly bounced me off the bike and I lost my momentum to where I was stopped just shy of the top. The hill was less steep at that point, but I was a millisecond away from letting go of my bike because it should have stalled in 2nd gear when I lost my momentum when hitting that rock, but I hung on for dear life and gassed it. Even though the bike stopped, the z-Start declutched and clutched for me to prevent the bike from stalling and giving it throttle pulled me out of the bad spot.

I've been using a clutch for 30+ years, so it was a bit different riding with the z-Start, but riding with it felt more natural to me after the first few hours of playing around. It wasn't until I started using my z-Start that I realized just how much I had been using the clutch and shifting, because now the emphasis was more about not using the clutch as much and not shifting as much, so I had to think about this for while until I got used to it, but I like it a lot. I can still use my existing clutch lever if I want to and that's another nice thing about the z-Start.

Early last year I couldn't see a need for an autoclutch (especially on a BRP), but then the idea started to grow on me after thinking more about it and I kept reading tons of positive comments from CRF450, YZF & KTM autoclutch users who raved about it for woods & trail riding, so I became even more enticed. I set mine up with a low stall speed and to lock up harder more quickly, but you can configure it for different needs. If you want to retain the top speed of the stock or taller gearing, but still want to ride tight trails, then check out the z-Start cause its an awesome solution.

After riding my BRP with the z-Start, I will NEVER be without an autoclutch again! :)

I bought my z-Start from Al Youngwerth (the designer/owner) of Reklue Motor sprots at http://www.rekluse.com

Naw man, the gearbox you don't have to mess with. Any gearing changes can be done with sprocket changes. But keep in mind going much larger on the rear will require more links in the chain. For example increasing the rear sprocket by 4 teeth requires a longer chain, either that or you will have to adjust the axle so far forward as to make the tire REALLY drag that mud flap! haha.

But yeah, it's pretty easy to wake up 2nd and 3rd. I have gotten really good results by using the 13/49 setup. No chain replacement required either. It might not be your preference though because everyone is different ya know. But it works well for what I do.

As far as the master link chains, I have never tried one, but have heard both sides of the story. Some say don't do it, and others say, it's ok to use a master link chain. I really don't know because I haven't needed a chain yet.


PS..Honda did seem to put a huge gap in ratio between 1st and 2nd!!

LL - Cool, thx. Yeah there is definately a dead spot after you wink your eye and you're past 1st. I'm still stock on the chain & sprockets too. I'd be up for trying the 13/49, and I'm thinking of Renthal for Sprockets and still looking for a Chain. I'd rather put a good o-ring chain on, and not have to suck the wheel fwd. Most of my riding seems to be under 60 - woods stuff mostly, so giving back some top end for a bit more pull is fine by me. Next thing is rebuilding the forks & shock...eek!


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