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Xr650r overfuelling, whats the cause?

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Hey guys,

If i say give it WOT 1st,2nd,3rd and come to a sudden stop, say at the traffic lights/intersection etc, the bike stalls ( if i dont keep the revs up ) splutters/stutters etc, basically it feels like it has too much fuel in it left over from when i WOT it.

It clears up after say 5-10seconds and everything is back to normal again.

This doesnt happen if i just cruise and ride normally, only when ive been giving it WOT and suddenly want to stop.

Its a xrr650 '05, stock carby, uncorked.

68s pilot

175 main

3rd clip needle ( from the top )

Ive checked the float, and adjusted it at 16mm from base to top of float, as per manual.

Im at 55m above sea level.

Would the overfuelling be the main jet too big, or the needle clip?(should i try 2nd clip position ?).


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