What dissoves exhaust putty?

When I first fitted a FMF 4.1 slip-on to my 08 WR450 I used Permatex Muffler and Tailpipe Sealer to seal the joins, including the join with the header pipe.

After it kept leaking I realised I should have used exhaust selastic due to its better flexibility, which I've used on the join between the slip-on and the mid-pipe.

However, after hammering and flexing and twisting, I can't seem to break the seal between the header and the mid-pipe. It's leaking, but part of it is obviously rock solid, which means I've so far been unable to use the stock muffler on rides in built-up areas.

Any ideas on what would react with this stuff? I'm a bit concerned any more mechanic treatment might break something.

The only ingredient I can find on the tube is Sodium Silicate.


I've been in similar situations before and I just work my way through different solvents until I find one that works.

ie. Turps

Metholated spirits

Paint thinners



Good luck!


(BTW, my guess is that acetone will do it.)

Acetone? That nailpolish remover?

Acetone? That nailpolish remover?

Yep (says I need 5 characters to reply) it is!

Heat up the joint with a propane or butane torch while twisting. It should come apart easily.

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