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Sidecar on a DR?

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You are going to have a hard timing out running the border patrol with that side car full of weed.🤣

These guys might have some info or links that could be useful.

you been reading my mail? 👍

no, my dog's been laying the guilt trip on pretty hard...and with well over 3 million acres of nat forest off my back fence, it'd be cool to take some longer trips...

i'm ok with a slower pace anyway, and would trade performance ability for utility almost any day...

thanks for the link btw!

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Hey there HAF. I've been thinking about this (sidecar on DR) for a while now. I'd like to get another DR and experiment. I saw one posted a while back that was used to transport a kayak, but can't remember where i saw it. The dual sport sidecars look just a bit too heavy for me. Something lighter would be better.

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