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orion 70cc upgrade

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HAPPY EASTER every body

so a last week i killed my duncor 70 on my orion pit bike and it about killed my daughter me not haveing a bike to go riding with her so i ordered a piranha125 from staggs it took quite a bit of fab work to get right the motor bolted right in no problems but the rear brake or foot pegs would not fit around the clutch housing so i made a brake lever out of the original and a xr 100 worked great next i made my own foot peg mounts out of some 1"1/2 solid stock steel

so yesturday i broke it in properly so i could go riding with the kid today well this morn i was playin around the yard tryn to get used to all the torque i hit third and flipped it right over🤣 so much for the new plastics 👍

rear fender and side plates r in a million peices not to mention 30lbs of sod stuck in the sub frame

ive ben riding my whole life mostly bigger bikes but this little monster is gona take some getin used to i weigh 180+ or - a few pounds and i canot keep the front end down without useing the breaks all the time

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this a pic off the garbage i pulled out of it


this is it with the new engine thanks to staggs after i broke the plastics all up


this is with the new pipe also


i got about 7hrs on it since i put it togather the plastics lasted a hr and a half lol i love the power of this 125

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