Is there a trick!!!!!

Is there some sort of trick or procedure for making sure forks are aligned or parrallel after removing headset for cleaning and regreaseing :). I have read that some TTers have had fork seals leak due to forks not being aligned or parrallel. Can this really happen :D? If so, what can I do to avoid it during reassembly. Thanks for any help or tips you can provide.

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The front forks should be mounted to the bottom clamps and the front tire should be mounted before tightening it all up. Final thing to do is tighten the top triple clamps to the forks.

Easy fix to make these square. After its all set up, loosen the 4 pinch bolts on the axle, 2 for each side, then just push the front suspension all the way down several times, then tighten it all up. Leave the axle nut tight, just loosen the pinch bolts. :)

How much axle should stick out on the odometer side :)?

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I did a lot of fork pushing.One day at a friend's place I changed a tire and he grabs the front wheel and spins it hard. "Hit the brake". I did- four times. We locked down the pinch bolts and that was it. Dave in suspension says you need to gauge it to actually know. Probably true and it gauged okay when I checked it after using the brake.

Whatever method you use, if they are not lined up seals and bushing will wear and your oil will show metallic fouling.

Dave in suspension says you need to gauge it to actually know.

How do you go about gaugeing it. There is no mention of this in the manual on front tire removal or in the front fork section :).

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This is a good topic. I have had to restraighten mine several times after crashing to get my bars straight. I end up having to take of the front fender in order to see the tire and have then just been eyeballing it. It sounds like I need to do more than that.

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