Back.... in the Saddle

I just got a brand new uncorked 2002 XR650R, my first bike in many, many years. Boy do I love this red ape! How old am I? My last bike was a Bultaco and this sure ain't no Bultaco. I've been riding mountain bikes for years and they (the party poopers) keep associating them with motorcycles anyway so... I am back and the Trek is now hanging from the ceiling. I am now "complete" again.

I plan on licensing the beast to justify the cost of grandpa's little red trail bike. Only a horn and brakelight are required in Colorado and they are already installed. I am also installing an enduro computer to see just how fast I really go.

However, I want much better lighting. How many watts can I drive with the stock coil? Can I bump up the feeble 4 watt tail light without melting the lense? What types of lighting have you guys had experience with? Thanks for your help. Bob.

Bob check with Baja Designs. They have a lighting improvement kit for about $40 that replaces the stock plastic lense with a good glass one and a 100w halogen bulb. Your stator is only putting out about 75 watts so your limited unless you get a rewind or an Electrex stator but the glass does help immensely. BD also makes a heavy duty shock resistant socket with bulb for the tail light. It works great. I think that cost only about $20. Enjoy your BRP.

The BD lighting kit comes with a choice of bulbs, you can get the 55w bulb to run with your stock stator.

The lighting improvement kit is nothing more than the following honda part number 33123-MK2-671, with a 55 or 100 watt H3 bulb that you can buy at Wal-Mart for about $4.75. The light has a glass lens and is available from Ron Ayers for $21.34.

You will need 2 very cheap crimp on connectors also available from Wal-Mart. I've installed 2 on XR650R's and 1 on XR600R. Lot brighter than stock 35 watt.

XR650Rrider nailed it :D

The only thing left to do is wind your stator ($40 parts / epoxy & magnet wire), or have it wound (~$100 - $150) or buy a new high output stator (~$150 - $250) if you want to run more than a 55 watt bulb and have it full bright from idle on up. The stock stator will not drive a 55 watt bulb to full brightness at low engine RPM, but it will be fine if you keep the engine RPM up just a bit past idle. The 55 watt bulb with the glass lens is a very nice improvement just by itself, but a 100 watts is even better :)

You can buy an inexpensive H-3 (55 watts) bulb at any auto parts for less than $6.00. If you really would like to improve the brightness of the light then buy a H-3 PIAA EXTREME WHITE BULB (55 watts but is as bright as an HID) for about $25.00!!! There is a difference my friend and you will see it. You must buy the glass head lamp and you may keep your stator stock. Don't buy the "blue" bulbs just for looks, they are for the rice rockets buy the real PIAA stuff, you will be happy with it.

Good for you, it does'nt matter the age, there is just to much fun to be had off road whether you want to go fast or just cover some terrain, you'll have a blast. AS far as the lighting goes check with Baja Designs they have many kits and will steer you in the right direction for a reasonable price. A quick note get some good protective gear!!!. You just never know!!!. GOOD LUCK!!!. :)

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