I want an 18" rear wheel on my 08 YZ450.

Does anybody know if an 07 WR250 stock rear wheel will fit my 08 450? I found one for sale and wonder if it will fit.

It will fit but the rims on 125/250f bikes are narrower. I don't advise using one.

try finding one from a wr450f it should fit perfect and is the same width

I have had an equal number of 18 and 19 inch rear wheels on my dirt bikes over the years, but I have actually come to prefer the 19". I know the 18 has a deeper sidewall, but he 19 is lighter and responds better. To be honest I haven't had a flat problem with either so I guess that would help as a determining factor.

After riding with a lighter 19" it just seems to actually respond better to me. I just transitioned from an 06 KTM 300XCW to an 09 YZ450 so the change from 18 to 19 was manditory. But I have again enjoyed the lighter feel with no loss of suspension plushness.

Just my .02. Also you might try Michelin tires. I have been addicted to Dunlop 756's but since they don't make them anymore I tried Michelins on my Fofitty after my son's rerpeated advice and I can't be happier.


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