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78 dt250 w/ wierd running

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ok, so.. what should i investigate if the bike idles fine, pulls hard on acceleration, but cruises at a steady speed like crap?

i've tested the behavior through the range of pilot srew settings, with no impact. the needle is on it's middle clip.. i can put out the needle and jet numbers if it would help, but they're nothing out of the norm.

The crap cruising is irrespective of engine temp.

It sounds as if it's blubbering, or perhaps four-stroking..

Also, when the engine is spooling down from speed to idle, it wants to fire a few times, resulting in the rpms yoyoing on the way down to idle.. sounds like a clunk or metallic "pank-pank-pank"

save me from 2-stroke hell.

(clean carb, new coils in the generator, normal plug, new rings, clean air filter, good fuel... i like working on the bike..)

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