2002 WR426F overheats quickly

i just bought a 2002 WR426f for the trails, but on the trails the bike heats up way to quick. i've been out of the dirtbike loop for about 11years so go easy on me. one guy told me its a jetting problem, i dont know to trust that guy so i thought i would ask for your advise. i heard you guys give very good advise on here.

you could try richening your mixture just a tad and see if that helps, or you could get an electric fan for you rads, or dont sit and idle as much. Running you bike leaner will create alot more heat, so i'd try a quarter to a half turn richer on your mix screw first

How do you know the bike heats up way too quick? sorry we need a bit more information to help you out with a solution

Is the coolant boiling? overflowing to the catch tank? does it just feel really hot?

i got a vapor speedo on it,wr street legal. coolant is boiling, have an over flow tank.

Are you sitting and letting idle, got to keep the 426 moving!

May need a new rad cap. Jetting may need to be addressed too.

What type riding(idling, riding slow, fast)are you doing when it overheats?

Do you live at the same elevation you bought the bike from?

what is the operating temp should be around. by the way thanks for the help guys

Mine will get 200+ if it sits idle for more than a couple of minutes!

4 strokes run hot when they are stopped or moving slow. A good quality coolant like Engine Ice will help. Your WR should have a coolant tank stock for this very reason.

New coolant and a new radiator cap first then see how it goes. It can't be that hot in Wisconsin right now can it???

In 30 years as a MC tech I have never seen a radiator cap go bad.

In 30 years as a MC tech I have never seen a radiator cap go bad.

I am not sure how to address this. Are you pressure testing radiator caps on a regular basis? Because I am and find quite frequently that they fail to hold their rated pressure of 16 lbs and often only muster 7 or 8 lbs.

This drop in cooling system pressure also drops the boiling temperture.

it was a jetting problem, the bike recently came back from the mountains in CO, and wasn't rejetted correctly. before i bought it.

I just wanted to say i appreciate you guys responding to my question and helping me out in every way.

Thanks again

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