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'03 CRF450R Bogging off idle

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Sometimes, my bike seems to gasp for air right off idle. Once I get the revs up a bit it takes off fine. But right off idle it behaves horribly. The strange thing is that this only happens sometimes, and I'm trying to figure out if it only happens at certain altitudes or air temperatures, or if it is happening only after my air filter cleaning.

The last time this happened I rode at the same location as my previous ride and the bike performed fine on the previous ride. The only thing that had changed was an increase in air temperature of about 25 degrees and I had cleaned my air filter the night before. So this has me thinking...could too much filter oil in the air filter clog it up and prevent air flow? Admittedly, when I clean my filter, I don't get all of the old oil out and then I put new oil on it.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Probably meed some fine tunning with your leak jet however, start here first.

how to confirm your pilot circuit setting

After confirming the above you might want to read this thread. It's on my 07 CRF250R that had the exact same problem. This thread will give you some education on the problem and how to fix it. Hopefully, someone else with more experience with 450's will chime in and give you insight on what size leak jet to start with. I've also read threads where the solution seems to be to pinch off the leak jet totally, then adjust the AP. Not sure if thats the correct course of action for you or not but, the following link will help per-pair yo while waiting on this information.

2007 CFR250R -- Jetting < Off idle bog >

Hope that helps you, bro!!

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Personally? I've been around these stupid bikes for about thirty-years now. I'm no professional mechanic by any means however, I can turn a few wrench's and have for many year now. Have a few boys that race. I do all their motor and suspension rebuilds.

Anyway, I've oiled my filters every time from the very beginning. I've never had problems with the way the bike perform after a air-filter/oil cleaning, not that last more than few minute anyway. But, I don't practice some of the same techniques others use. I don't use the sooper, dooper, tacky filter oils. I use whatever oil thats on my shelf, 10W/30, 10W/40, what ever. I clean my filter after every ride. Doesn't mater if it was an hour ride or a five hour ride, I clean the filter and real oil. The only reason to use oil anyway is to place something tacky on the foam particle so the dirt doesn't just bounce from particle to particle through the entire air-filter and make into the carb/motor. If you clean the air-filter after each ride and real oil I don't see the need for these sooper, dooper air-filter oils. But, you will find that many don't agree with me. Some will get down right pissy about the topic!! Different strokes for different folks. I've never had any problems with my motors using this practice. Well, as long as you clean the filter as talked about here.

Stay with us and let us know if you have any other questions! I hope this has helped you out so far, bro!

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