08 450 question

anyone know if the stator from a wr 450 will fit on my yz450f ?? i wanna get my lights all working.. but i dont wanna buy an after market stator.. i heard nothing but bad things with them..



It will, but only if you buy the stator from an '07 or later WR, AND the flywheel, stator cover, CDI unit, rectifier/regulator, and crankshaft along with it, and then rewire the bike.

Only a minor mod to make.

Like Gray said, it will work, I did it. I did it because it was the only way to put a 100w stator on a 06-09 yz. Mine was a 08. I did it because I was doing the Baja 1000. It worked but I found it to be just unreliable enough that after a lot of soul searching decided I wasnt going to risk a breakdown in the middle of the night in Baja. I put my bike all back stock and my addvise to anyone thinking about doing this is buy a wr.

I use a lighting system that I use for cycling,its a rechargeable 2 light system and just as bright or brighter as a wired system,it lasts 6 to 8 hours on high beam and 12 to 14 on low beam,it will clamp to your bars and the battery zip ties behind my side plates.....Google "cycling lighting systems" you should get alot of choices....

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