a 426 kinda vacation needed


I need some tips and you all seem to be the crew who can help. Yesterday my lovely wife uttered some words that I never in a million years expected to hear.. she said, "when you get your new bike lets take our bikes on vacation and go riding"...I'm still speachless.. If any of you hear this often then I am 100% jealous! In any event, I've never done this before and we're looking for a place to go in the summer (July, August, etc.) that has both challenging riding and easy trails with housing accomidations very near the riding area. I'll be on a 426 and she'll be on an XR-100 (I like jumps, obsticles, etc.. and she likes flat scenic roads) so a mix of terrain or a public track near some easy trails would be ideal. Also we're in south florida so something more towards the east would be best (we'll drive and/or take the auto-train). If you all have any suggestions (for location or otherwise) then I would love to hear them!


I know its too far but you must come out to Arizona and enjoy our summer riding. We get up at 3:30am and start riding at sunrise, hopefully its only about 95 degrees. We'll ride for 2-4 hours till its hits 106 then call it quits. :)

Seriously, I have never seen a better place to ride than southwestern Colorado,the terrain and scenery is outstanding and there are many areas with close lodging. We go to a little town called Rico and ride right from the hotel, not street legal or anything!

Try georgiaoffroad.com

They have mx tracks listed and other ride areas.

I agree with F-pilot. The ultimate would be a tour of Southern Colorado/Utah. Start in Crested Butte, work your way southwest towards Telluride/Ouray, cut over to Moab. There is unbelievable riding, and a ton of variety and skill level. Not to mention the scenic appeal and great vacation spots.

Its probably way too cold right now, but you should plan a trip to go riding in Ohio, any place that's South of Columbus. I live in Michigan and my family and I have gone there with a big group of guys a few times a year the last 5 years. The trails are rated by difficulties (Easy, Moderate, Difficult) and could offer you and your wife some great riding. Ohio is the best place I've ever ridden, and I've been riding since I was 3. Even my Dad, who *used* to be super fast(when the 500 class existed) on the track says the trails there are awesome, way better and way more difficult that here in MI.

You just have to give it try, even if its not for a few years, you'll probably never want to leave.

You might be able to get more info on Ohio's web site. I don't know what the site is, but every state in the Union has one.


Me? I'm 15. I ride a 2000 YZ 426, and I luv it! In the winter, I ride a 1996 Yamaha XT 600. My whole family rides dirtbikes/quads and snowmobiles, even mom.

I think the trails you are referring to south of Columbus, OH is the Wayne National Forest. I venture there often considering I live in Columbus :). There are about 100 miles of sanctioned trails, and several hundred others in between. Great riding, dispels the "flat Ohio" rumor. The hills are quite challenging given the amount of mud, logs, roots, rocks etc to deal with. The terrain changes constantly from sand to clay to peat to hardpack to such plain slippery mud.

Yes, the trails are labeled, but honestly they don't mean much. The VERY DIFFICULT trails are defintely no place for a beginner, yet the others seem to be rideable if you're in decent shape. There's nothing an XR100 can't conquer there except perhaps the really steep hillclimbs :D That's a 20 hour trip from Tampa, yet the heat won't kill you.

One thought-don't go during hunting season!

hey, if you don't mind driving a ways the black hills in south dakota offers awesome trail riding and you can find pretty much anything you want to ride there. trails are great. and there are plenty of places to stay. good vacation spot. love it. just my addvice.


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