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2006 LTZ-50 Murdered Out (kinda)

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Bought this 2006 used from a guy this past January. Plastics were in horrible shape as well as the seat and tires from being left out in the one summer. Got a smokin' deal on it so I decided to make it more cosmetically appealing. My wife was hatin' on the ride I picked out, but the price was too good to pass up.

Anyway, I took off all the tires and hand-sanded the rims and painted them black, bought new Scorpion rubber for the rears, lower profile tires like the big-boy quads have. This actually helps getting this bike to go (smaller diameter by 1.5 inches), especially up small inclines. Painted the front bumper black, ordered new grips and this last week I finally put the new white plastics on. Looks a ton better with those suckers on.

Oh and by the way I reupholstered the seat myself. Check out my other post here (http://forums.atvconnection.com/suzuki/323809-diy-lt-z50-seat-cover.html#post2896237) about that.

I have new grips to install and I'm thinking about blacking out the handle bars as well. Next up is putting the after market decals I just received. So far I'm really happy with it and my wife is off my back about how it 'looks'. Check out the pics.









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